SoundFonts Help

Adding New Files

There are two ways to add a SoundFont file to the application:

  • Using the ⨁ button at the left of the info bar
  • Using the Import button in the settings view

The first way allows you to browse and search for the file you wish to add, including those you may have on your iCloud drive. It brings up a view similar to that found in the Files app.

The second way allows you to bring in a large collection of files at one time by placing the SF2 files into the SoundFonts folder on your iOS device. Pressing the Import button in the settings view will load each file to validate it, and then if valid, place a copy in the SoundFont’s private file store.

Exporting Files

You can obtain copies of all of the SoundFont files by pressing the Export button in the settings view. The resulting files will appear in the SoundFonts folder on your iOS device. These files are also accessible on a macOS computer when the device is attached to it.

  1. Click on the iOS device that appears in the Finder sidebar
  2. Click on “Files” tab at the top of the Finder window
  3. Toggle the reveal button next to the SoundFonts entry

You can delete files by bringing up the action menu (control click or two-finger touchpad press). You can also add files by dragging them to the SoundFonts entry. Note that new files added this way only appear on the iOS device at this location. They must still be added to the SoundFonts app via the ⨁ or Import button.